Jamaica Bay

Jamaica BayThe Jamaica Bay painting is a slight departure of from the rest of the Mermaids of North America series. Typically, this series shows mermaids either in an illustration pose or living their lives in a fashion that is separated from their natural habitat. In this case, a mermaid is portrayed in her natural habitat and the object that is out of place is a Checker Cab.

The last checker cab was taken out of service in 1999, which always felt like a shame to me. I know it’s silly to lament the loss of something that is made of steel, but I feel like the aesthetic of these iconic cars is something that will likely never come back. In spite of all of the Checker Marathons that went to the scrap yard, I imagine that one of them made it here, and is well cared for.

Jamaica Bay thumb

Mermaids of North America extended

For those of you who weren’t able to make it out to the Mermaids of North America art show last June, you now have the rest of the Summer to stop by and see them at Two Moon Art House and Cafe. The painting series will be in residence until the end of August.

show wall

Prints available online

framed prints

The Mermaids of North America has completed its show at the Two Moon Art House, but you can still get prints online via the online store at Society6.com/brooklynseth.

tote bags

Tote bags are available for $22.00.

iPhone Cases

iPhone cases, laptop skins, coffee cups, shower curtains, and other items are also available.

Mermaids of North America opens

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On Sunday June 9th, The Mermaids of North America opened at Two Moon Art House and Cafe. Family, friends, and complete strangers came out to see the collection on display for the first time. These paintings are the source material for the definitive mermaid bestiary of the same name.

Two Moon is the purveyor of fine shortbread snacks, coffee drinks, beer, wine, etc.. Speaking of which; it would be the ideal setting for you to relax and have a mimosa. Maybe, after a hard day at work, or after a hard day of marching in the Mermaid Parade. The show runs until June 29th.

See more information about Two Moon here: http://twomoonbklyn.com/art-house/

The Mermaids of North America.pdf

The Betta Splendens Mermaid (watercolor 15×20), currently on display


The Mermaids of North America art show

As the Coney Island Mermaid Parade draws near, you may be stuck with the same dilemma that I have every year: “What should my costume look like?”

Starting on June 8th, you can stop by the Two Moon Art House and Cafe and get some inspiration from the fifteen very eclectic paintings of mermaids on display. Two Moon is located at 315 4th Ave. Brooklyn, NY. The Mermaids of North America will be on display until June 29th.The-Platypterus-Mermaid.jpg

Mermaids of North America jewelry collaboration

Jewelry maker and owner of Fancy Unicorn Designs Tanya Rozova, has begun production of pendants that incorporate art from the Mermaids of North America painting series. Her jewelry can be found on her Etsy link: http://www.etsy.com/shop/fancyunicorndesigns

mermaid jewelry2mermaid jewelry1

Mermaids of North America Art Show

The Pterois Mermaid promo sethharrisdesign1


Jurassic Brunch ebook available on Jan 22, 2014

Jurassic Brunch will be made available for iPad and Kindle Fire users on January 22, 2014.

Also, the Jurassic Brunch homepage has been updated for the release.


The mermaids of America

I have posted several new watercolor paintings from 2013 to the mermaid gallery. There is a new subway painting, “The B train to Brighton Beach”.


…and I have finally decided to post my bestiary studies. The inspiration for the latter being Audubon’s Birds of America.


Unpolished work

Each item below is the product of 2-3 hours of painting with a live seated model. As you can see these works are far from complete, however my hope was to show more of the process and add to this collection over time.

The medium is watercolor on paper.